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We are passionate about the health and welfare of our dogs, so CPI (parent company to Puppies ‘N Love/Animal Kingdom pet stores) assumes a lifetime responsibility for each puppy we sell. Our Homes for Life program is the result of this commitment and to our dedication to preventing pet homelessness and promoting responsible pet ownership. We understand that for unfortunate and unforeseen reasons sometimes customers who purchase our puppies can no longer keep and/or care for them. For this reason, new puppy owners (at the time of purchase) sign a form stating if, for any reason at any time, they cannot keep their dog, they agree to relinquish it back to CPI so we can re-home the dog. There is no charge to the customer regardless of the dog’s age and/or condition. This is our commitment to each and every puppy we sell and to every owner.

Home For Life

Our puppies come first. We promote the highest standards in animal welfare by: Committing ourselves 100 percent to the health, safety, and welfare of our puppies Scrutinizing our breeders and only buying puppies from the best Working closely with customers to match them with the dog and breed that best fits their lifestyle Promoting responsible pet ownership through our Homes for Life pet rehoming program, education and community outreach

About Delivery

We Can arrange for delivery to be made to your address in case you are not in the same state as us. Delivery is through flight and it is very efficient and safe


We value your time hence ship your puppies via the best pet relocation services and we ship with guarantee.


We offer a unique puppy curriculum which occurs during the all-important first 8 weeks of a puppy’s life.


We were awarded the prestigious AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T Program Certificate for compliance with recommended health testing.


The Dalmatian’s white coat with black spots is an easily recognized characteristic of the breed. Dalmatians have been symbols of canine companionship and service to humanity from their early history as coach dogs. They are high-energy dogs and are not suited for a sedate lifestyle or a household with small children. Your Dalmatian will require a great deal of exercise and interaction with you; lacking those, he could become a behavioral problem. This breed can be challenging to care for properly and is not generally a good choice as your first dog.

Step 1

Choose a Dalmatian puppy with bright eyes, a healthy appearance and an outgoing disposition. Shyness is a problem with some Dalmatians, and this trait will make training and socialization difficult. Check that the puppy is not deaf. Clap your hands to see if he startles, and try other experiments to check his response to sounds. Deafness is a common problem in Dalmatians.

Step 2

Feed your Dalmatian a high-quality, low-protein dog food. Dalmatians are prone to kidney and bladder stones. A low-protein dog food will help to reduce the likelihood of developing stones. Turkey or chicken protein is a good choice, according to writer Beth White of the Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado website. Make sure your Dalmatian has plenty of fresh water always available.

Step 3

Exercise your Dalmatian frequently. Dalmatians have a lot of energy that they need to work off with running and spirited play. Fence your yard securely so you can allow your Dalmatian to romp freely and safely. Left to his own devices, your restless Dalmatian may try to wander off to explore, so make certain the fence is high enough to prevent jumping, and that the bottom of the fencing is secured in a way that prevents your dog from digging an exit.

Step 4

Socialize your Dalmatian puppy every chance you get. Take him to the local dog park, where he can meet other dogs and run off excess energy. This habit can help to calm a nervous dog and make your Dalmatian able to adapt quickly to new places, people and situations.

Step 5

Brush your Dalmatian’s coat daily to control shedding. Though the breed has a short coat, it sheds continuously and can leave white hairs all over your house. Use a stiff bristle brush or a grooming glove that picks up hairs from the coat.

Step 6

Train your Dalmatian early and consistently. Daily training sessions beginning as a puppy will help to instill good habits in your Dalmatian. Dalmatians can be headstrong and are easily distracted. A firm but persistent attitude on your part will keep your dog focused on performing tasks successfully. Avoid harsh punishments, as these cause Dalmatians to shut down. Treats and praise are good rewards for correct behavior.

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We have searched almost everywhere over the past decade and are happy to have been blessed with the opportunity to find and bring home some of the most exclusive bloodlines in the world.

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A puppy that has a high prey drive will be sent with instructions to have supervised socialization frequently with small animals. I want each of you to love and enjoy your

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