Dalmatian Puppies For Sale

Adorable Dalmatian puppies For Sale

we are specialised in the breeding of Dalmatian puppies

dalmatian puppies for sale

Dalmatian Puppies For Sale

A good pet can be a good companion, but the right pet can provide a sense of happiness, loyalty and love that is unmatched. Making the decision to have a pet in your life is not always easy, but it is always important to find the right match.
With over 18+ Years of Experience RighteousPuppies ensure that our healthy, happy and socialized Puppies brings extra happiness to your home.

Our Vision

Puppies deserve people and people deserve the love of puppies! Our vision is to always serve with love, we are here to help you find the very next thing that will shower you with abundant love, we are here to give that to you. We love our job because of the happiness we can give to each and every customer.

Health Is Not An Issue With Us

We breed healthy Dalmatians with strong bloodlines. We take pride in our dogs and are committed to providing the best care.

dalmatian puppies for sale

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We Can arrange for delivery to be made to your address in case you are not in the same state as us. Delivery is through flight and it is very efficient and safe

Pet Health

Our Dalmatians are healthy, beautiful family dogs and we are proud to offer our high-quality puppies to loving homes.

Pet Training

Our Dalmatians are healthy, beautiful family dogs which are easy to train and we are proud to offer our high-quality puppies to loving homes.


This distinct breed thrives off of vigorous and intense activity. With proper exercise, these intelligent dogs can be quite polite and playful

Dalmatian Puppies For Sale

Dalmatian Puppies For Sale

The history of the Dalmatian dog breed is long and shrouded in mystery. The name Dalmatian was given to the breed in 1771 by Thomas Pennant, who believed that the breed originated in the country of Dalmatia, located in the eastern Mediterranean region. Depictions of the Dalmatian breed can be found in famous art pieces from this region as far back as the 16th century, and descriptions of the dog were found in Croatian church chronicles from 1719 and 1737 under the Latin name Canis Dalmaticus.

Many people feel that the origins of the breed are actually far older than that, citing illustrations found in Egyptian tombs of black and white spotted dogs following chariots. Due to their natural affinity for horses, the distinctive shape and color of the Dalmatian has been seen running beside carriages for centuries, from gypsy caravans to the coaches of well-born ladies, to horse-drawn fire engines. In fact, they are depicted this way so often that many people forget that they also excel as guard dogs, hunting dogs for both fowl and boar, vermin extermination, shepherding, and even as performers in the circus.

Dalmatians are best known as carriage dogs and firedogs, and they are well suited to these jobs. Nevertheless They are people oriented, intelligent, playful, and loyal, and although they are capable of being quite dignified when the occasion calls for it, they are just as likely to play the clown at home. Dals are people oriented and tend to be fairly adept at learning new tricks, and they do well with older children, although they may be a bit too boisterous for many infants and toddlers and interactions with these age groups should be carefully supervised.

Dalmatians are well known for their endurance, their speed, and their protective natures; however, these same traits may also lead to some of the more challenging aspects to owning a Dalmatian. All the energy that is required for a dog to follow a horse-drawn carriage for miles comes out as restlessness, anxiety, and destructive tendencies if the animal is not provided with the opportunity for ample exercise on a regular basis. Although they have a natural affinity for horses, if they are not properly socialized as puppies, Dalmatians can develop aggressive and territorial behaviors towards other dogs, particularly dogs of the same sex.

Dalmatian Puppies For Sale


Dalmatians are highly energetic, playful and sensitive dogs. They are loyal to their family and good with children, although some Dalmatian experts caution that the breed may be too energetic for very small children. These dogs are intelligent, can be well trained and make good watchdogs.

Some Dalmatians can be reserved with strangers and aggressive toward other dogs; others are timid if they are not well socialized, and yet others can be high-strung. These dogs are known for having especially good “memories” and are said to recall any mistreatment for years.

Living With:

Dalmatians thrive on human companionship, and if left alone too long they can become destructive or they will pout and act depressed. This dog is for someone who wants to spend time with a pet.

Nevertheless, Dalmatians also need lots of exercise to dispel boundless energy. They are probably not suitable for apartment-dwellers unless the family is committed to long, daily walks or runs. In addition The Dalmatian is more suited to living where he can romp and run.

The breed has been the object of fad popularity because of movie exposure. Too often this has led to overbreeding of poor specimens, and homes that are not suited for the breed. The breed also has a high incidence of deafness, which can lead to communication problems. Too many Dalmatians end up in rescue because they do not act like the dogs in the movies.

Caring for your Dalmatian

Dalmatians can be great pets for active households as they love nothing more than spending time with their owners and burning off all their excess energy. Due to their stamina and muscular build, they may not suit every household and shouldn’t be left unsupervised with children, vulnerable adults or older people. You’ll need to give them plenty of exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Like any dog, Dalmatians can get bored easily. They need to be physically and mentally challenged and need plenty of company to prevent them becoming destructive and potentially chewing your furniture to pieces. The more there is for your Dalmatian to get involved in, the happier they’ll be.


Dalmatians have very low maintenance coats so they’re ideal if you’d rather spend your time playing with them than grooming them. Unfortunately, they are really big shedders! Dalmatians aren’t ideal if you’re quite house proud or have fur allergies because they shed a lot throughout the year, more so during spring and autumn.

Dalmatians are known to suffer from skin allergies and certain products can make this worse, so speak to your vet if you’re looking for a dog shampoo to use on your Dalmatian.

Get A puppy

We have searched almost everywhere over the past decade and are happy to have been blessed with the opportunity to find and bring home some of the most exclusive bloodlines in the world.

Getting A Dalmatian Puppy for Sale

Dalmatians and children

Dalmatians can be friendly dogs and good with children, but they are very high energy. They tend to be better suited to households with older children as their larger size and strong build means they could knock over smaller children accidentally. As Dalmatians can be very excitable when they’re younger, they may be a bit of a handful for adults unfamiliar with the breed. It’s important to always supervise your Dalmatian with children and vulnerable adults.

Dalmatians and other pets

A well socialised Dalmatian should be fine with other dogs. They are not known for being aggressive and so plenty of positive experiences with other dogs from a young age will help develop their friendly personality.

As Dalmatians were not bred for hunting or herding, if they have grown up with another pet in the house they should get along fine. That said, always supervise your Dalmatian with smaller pets and introductions should be done very carefully – even the most placid Dalmatian may get the urge to chase!

Do plenty of research before you think about getting a Dalmatian. These good-natured dogs love to be kept active and can really thrive in the right household. Make sure you have enough time to keep your Dalmatian on the go so they can be happy and healthy. They’re a lot of hard work but if you’re sure you have the time for a Dalmatian they can make excellent family pets.

Rehoming centres

There are plenty of rescue centres across the country where you may find a Dalmatian. Breed-specific rescues that specialise in Dalmatians are out there too. You’ll need to ask any rescue centre about the dog’s history to make sure they will be comfortable in your home. Good rescue centres should run home checks, neuter their dogs and let you know of any potential health or behaviour problems after health or temperament assessments.


If you buy a Dalmatian puppy from a breeder, make sure your puppy will be well socialised and that the puppy and their parents have all necessary health checks and vaccinations. We recommend looking for a Kennel Club Assured breeder as they meet higher standards and must do certain health tests. We’ve put together some advice to help you find a good breeder.